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Millions of men and women have learned to dance in the Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Mr. Murray spent many years perfecting the method which enables you to learn quickly and easily. We are sure that you, too, will find it amazingly simple, fast and fun. You will get a thrill out of learning to dance the ‘Arthur Murray Way.’

Grace, poise and confidence are yours in return for learning to dance. Ballroom dancing coordinates all the muscles that make us graceful and dignified — with these qualities comes an aura of self-confidence that will shine through in your dancing as well as in your daily life. As you learn to dance you will enjoy the full share of pleasure and satisfaction which dancing offers. Moreover, others will find the same satisfaction in dancing with you.

Dancing is much more than just moving your feet to the music. Dancing puts you close — at arm’s length — or heart to heart with someone special. It’s cheek to cheek to the rhythms and beat of the music. You’ll learn how to move together as one with your partner. At an Arthur Murray Dance Studio, you’ll see many people just like yourself, who are looking to socialize, feel fit, and have fun.

It takes skill, learning, and practice to be a good dance partner. Under the guidance of Arthur Murray Int. the studio s have been teaching dance not as isolated feet or steps, but as an integral part of social life and as an experience and celebration of it.

With very little effort, you too can become a beautiful dancer and gain for yourself the increased satisfaction and popularity which the good dancer enjoys. Millions can’t be wrong … dancing makes you feel good! Arthur Murray Dance Studios can put a little fun in your life — a lot of fun — if you’ll just take the first step.